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Martin Meyer Glass Glitter

Posted on Oct 8, 2013 by in My craft friends, Tutorials and DIY |

Absolutely gorgeous finding, Pierian spring for craftsmen and artists! I just found this store and blog and can’t stop my fantasy. Their name is Meyer Imports and they present amazing diamond-like Martin Meyer Glass Glitter, made of pure glass with brilliant rich colors and sparkles. You also can find cute miniature trees and creatures, glass Deco beads, clue and supplies and many other really lovely things in the store; and Meyer Imports blog is a treasury house of sparkle glittery ideas.

As for me… these ideas are my favorites for now (Click on image to read more):

1. Black and silver sparkling pumpkin and wonderful glittered candles for Halloween




2. Glittery pine cones for Winter holidays



3. Glass Glitter Tea Cups – Tea Light Holders for romantic evenings



4. Glitter coated eggs



5. And this amazing glitter-and-clue bowl


And this is my favorite Royal Blue color



I definitely need to make one (or three? or five?) more new sparkling bracelets to make a company for my dark blue one.

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